Peaceful beauty like paradise of Hon Mot Island (Phu Quoc)

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- Besides the bustling and vibrant atmosphere on the pearl island of Phu Quoc, Hon Mot Island owns wild beauty and is the paradise of nature lovers.

 Hon Mot Island, Phu Quoc (Photo: internet)

Hon Mot Island is located in the northeast area of ​​Phu Quoc, about 200m from the island.  Hon Mot Island possesses clear turquoise sea water and rich flora with beautiful ancient green trees. A special feature in Hon Mot is the rapid growth sea water spinaches with delicate purple petals, which makes both poetic and fancy for the small island.

The highlight of Hon Mot is the seawater spinach groves growing around and the bridge leading to the island. The charming scenery is ideal for check-in to live virtual beautiful pictures at Hon Mot.

In the dry season, when the sea water dries up, visitors can experience walking on the floating road in the middle of the sea to feel the vastness of the sea as well as the fresh and cool air.

Because the island is small, there is only one road in Hon Mot. Along the path are lovely huts for tourists to rest and organize activities such as photography, camping, BBQ...

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