Spain shares with Vietnam guidelines on safe tourism

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- On November 18, Mr. Ha Van Sieu, Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) had a working session with Spanish Ambassador and Ambassadors, Chargé d'affaires of some Latin American countries on cooperation in Spanish language training in Vietnam and guidelines on safe tourism.

Recently, the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality in collaboration with the Spanish Federation and Association of Tour Guides has developed a set of criteria for safe tourism, which is used by the EU as a basis to develop the set of guidelines on safe tourism for EU.

The guidelines have been translated into Vietnamese including 11 guidelines and recommendations for: (1) Active tourism and ecotourism; (2) Camping sites and tourist village; (3) Golf Course; (4) Hostels; (5) Hotels and tourist apartments; (6) Restaurant services; (7) Rural accommodation; (8) Spa; (9) Tourist guides; (10) Tourist information offices; and (11) Travel agencies.

The Spanish Ambassador proposed to coordinate with the VNAT to co-publish the Guidelines and recommendations for dissemination to localities and businesses as reference, as well as to organize a number of seminars to introduce the Guidelines and recommendations.

VNAT’s Vice Chairman Ha Van Sieu appreciated that the Guidelines and recommendation is a valuable tool for safe destinations, and very meaningful just in time when the Vietnam tourism industry launches the reopening of safe tourism. The VNAT will propose to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to soon implement this activity as Spanish Ambassador’s proposal.

At the meeting, the Spanish Ambassador also introduced about the linguistic value of the Spanish language with 585 million of speakers worldwide. Spanish is the 2nd most used language in social media and digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the 3rd most used language in the internet.

The two sides have agreed to promote Spanish language training in Vietnam through the training of tour guides and the training of students who study at the tourism faculties in Vietnamese universities and colleges.

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