Roam Phu Quoc: How does the group of international tourists under vaccine passport program live fully at Phu Quoc United Center?

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- After a long haul from Seoul, South Korea, the first group of international tourists arrived at Phu Quoc United Center and enjoyed fully experiences at an extremely attractive "all-in-one" resort complex.

The 4-day-3-night vacation package for these special tourists on the wonderful island city is full of activities of discovery - tourism - entertainment - shopping while ensuring the highest safety standards. This "closed bubble" model is created by Vinpearl as the pioneer in coordination with strategic partners.

This is the most beautiful season of the year to explore the pearl island of Phu Quoc, and even preferable when staying at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc. Located isolatedly and attractively on Bai Dai Beach, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc in the complex of Phu Quoc United Center delivers luxury experiences while facilitating pandemic prevention.

Inside the resort lobby, messages in Korean language were delicately set, bringing a feeling of both formality and familiarity. From the check-in step, a large number of tourists were interested in taking photo of face recognition applying AI artificial intelligence technology, which makes it convenient to move and use other facilities in the complex.

The Covid-19 test on the first day according to the regulations was methodically and professionally carried out by the staff and doctors of Vinmec International Hospital and quickly returned the results through the closed service system. All tourists are ready to participate in all activities according to the travel schedule of vaccine passport on the same day.

After less than 60 minutes of check-in, almost all tourists in the group went to the beach and swimming pool area of Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc. They are free to enjoy the spacious, poetic space under the pleasant afternoon sunlight, in their own way.

From freestyle swimming…

Or romantic moments together on the beach, with the beautiful sunset of the pearl island

Families take a stroll together or simply choose a private corner to relax on the green grass, blowing in freshness and full of laughter in the 5-star resort of Vinpearl.

The first day of vacation becomes more perfect with a romantic dinner at Pepper Restaurant filled with wonderful sunsets on the beachfront. BBQ buffet dinner offers Korean tourists, the quintessential Vietnamese flavors: Phu Quoc herring salad, coconut milk pancakes, coconut rice… prepared delicately and sophisticatedly from fresh seafood of the Pearl Island.

On the second day, the group of tourists started a unique tour right inside the special complex, designed by Vinpearl in collaboration with Marketing Highland to ensure safe travel standards and provide enjoyable experiences.

Tourists explored truly fully at Vinpearl Golf, VinWonders theme park, Vinpearl Safari.

With the leading experiences in Asia, Phu Quoc United Center is expected to help tourists have the safest and most luxurious tour of the Pearl Island, bringing a "live fully" holiday in Phu Quoc.

In the following days, the group of Korean tourists continued to have unforgettable experiences at Casino Corona and the sleepless city Grand World with a culinary paradise, a unique night market, etc. and amazing performances of "Colors of Venice", Once.

With the pioneering initiative to prepare and welcome the first group of international tourists with vaccine passport in a methodical and professional manner, Phu Quoc United Center is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world to relax and explore in the new normal.

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