Da Nang renews its tourism products to attract visitors

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Despite facing many difficulties due to the impact of the pandemic, a number of tourism service providers across Da Nang have been ramping up efforts to develop new tourism products in a bid to bring new experience to visitors in a new normal.

Toom Sara Village

Coming to the Toom Sara Village in Suoi Hoa tourist site, Phu Tuc Village, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District this period of time, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a new product named ‘Ngay Loc Choc’ that is considered a specialty of Da Nang's rainy season.

Mr. Tran Cong Minh, residing in An Hai Tay Ward, Son Tra District, said the tourism product promised to bring an extremely memorable experience to visitors. Travellers to the Toom Sara Village can be immersed themselves in green nature, experience cultural life of the local Co Tu ethnic group, and enjoy local dishes.

General Director of Toom Sara Investment JSC Huynh Tan Phap remarked, since October, the Toom Sara Village has launched a one-day tour for locals and domestic tourists who want to experience traditional Co Tu culture within a day.

“Da Nang is now entering the rainy season. Therefore, I want to create a special tourism product suitable for this weather condition so that my guests can experience the unique beauty of the central city in the rainy season” noted Mr Phap.

Toom Sara Village

By joining this one-day tour, visitors will have a chance to experience fascinating activities, such as sitting around the campfire, making ‘banh xeo’ (Vietnamese sizzling pancakes), grilling meat, cooking ‘com lam’ (rice cooked in bamboo tubes), and chatting with the village elders to recall old days and childhood memories. In the morning of the following day, they will pick wild vegetables, and participate in some exciting cultural activities.

“The intention of this tour is to strengthen your family and friendship relationships" underlined Mr. Phap.

Furama Food Farm

Similarly, the Furama Danang Resort has recently opened the Furama Food Farm.

Deputy General Director of the Furama Danang Resort Le Dinh Nam said that over the past two years, the business activities of his resort have been seriously affected by COVID-19. However, the company has also strived to overcome current difficulties and develop new tourism products to adapt to the current pandemic situation.

In the one-hectare Furama Food Farm, organic vegetables of all kinds are being grown, whilst about 300 chickens are being raised.

The resort plans to build a fish pond for 5,000 fish to take advantage of leftover food.

According to Mr. Le Dinh Nam, this model will contribute to promote the Furama's brand name. The source of green vegetables obtained from the garden will contribute to providing a part of guaranteed food in meals for resort’s guests. Also, visitors can also visit the vegetable garden and experience many interesting farming activities.

In order to lure more locals to visit and learn about historical sites, recently, the Da Nang Museum has launched the 'Taking a Walk along Han River' experiential educational programme.

Dien Hai Citadel

Mr. Tran Van Chuan, Head of Education - Communications Office of the Da Nang Museum said, the tour allowed participants to go back in time to the city the journey to discover the museum and adjacent heritages such as the Dien Hai Citadel – a national special relic site, the Doc Ly building built in the city during the French Colonial period, the oldest road sign in Da Nang, Villa of the Chief Justice of the French Colonial Supreme Court in the city, currently known as the headquarters of the municipal People’s Council. The tour is now available free for groups of 10-20 people.

Mr. Tran Van Chuan said the museum will provide tour guide for groups of tourists in case of need.

According to tourism experts, in the current context of global COVID-19 pandemic, the development and addition of new tourism products will give local people the opportunity to experience and discover more about the tourism and cultural values ​​of the city.

Source: Danang Today