Vietnamese food wanderlust

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- Earlier on January 17th 2022, The Travel recommended a list of hearty and flavourful Vietnamese food which travellers should have tasted at least once in their lifetime and where to find them.

Cao Lau (noodle bowl)

Hoi An Ancient Town is located in Viet Nam’s Central Quang Nam Province, on the north bank near the mouth of the Thu Bon River. The most enchanting town in Vietnam, according to The Travel, Hoi An ‘having a fusion of various cultures such as Japanese, Chinese, and later European influence, its impact is reflected in food culture as well’.

In the article, The Travel gives a general introduction of Vietnamese Cuisine, and it is a combination of enormous aromatic herbs and species such as mint, lemongrass, coriander, sauces, bird’s eye chilli and citrus fruits or tamarind and cane sugar. A great balance of the yin and yang elements in just one dish: ‘the sweet and salty, cooling and warming, fresh and fermented’. Additionally, The Travel also points out that rice is the primary culinary attribute besides vegetables, broths or soup-based dishes.

The typical dishes in Vietnam were listed in the article, including Pho, a rice noodle soup dish consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and beef or chicken meat with 2 famous representatives of Pho Bo Hang Dong at 48 Hang Dong St., Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, and Pho Thin at 13 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi; Spring rolls, a savoury fresh starter with the combination of variety of herbs, vegetables, minced pork and shrimp, rice noodles dipped in fish sauce, travellers can find this dish at 79 Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi or Gach Restaurant at 6C Alley 21 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da District Hanoi; Banh mi - Vietnamese sandwich; Grilled fish (Cha ca); Cao Lau (noodle Bowl); Bun Cha or egg coffee were also mentioned.

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