Hotels in Ha Noi: All set for the 31st SEA Games

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- There are 14 international standard hotels with more than 3,000 rooms that were selected by the Ha Noi Department of Tourism to welcome international delegations, athletes and reporters participating in the 31st SEA Games. In addition, other accommodation facilities in the capital are also busy preparing the best conditions to welcome visitors.

Leader of Grand Vista Hanoi Hotel, one of the chosen accommodations for the 31st SEA Games’ international delegations and athletes, has worked with interdisciplinary authorities such as police, health, tourism, etc. to coordinate and ensure good conditions, in terms of health, epidemiology, security and order to serve delegations coming to stay.

Panoramic view of the Pan Pacific Hanoi Hotel where the 31st SEA Games kurash and aerobics teams will stay - Photo: VGP/Minh Anh

Regarding the nutrition for the athlete delegations, Mr. Bui Thanh Tung, CEO of Grand Vista Hanoi Hotel said, the hotel has invested attentively to make a diet menu full of nutrition, ensure food hygiene and safety and will organise a buffet to meet the needs of the majority of coaches, athletes and delegates... For Muslim guests, the hotel will arrange Halal food stalls and prayer venues.

Staff at Pan Pacific Hanoi Hotel are continuously trained to prepare for the best reception - Photo: VGP/Minh Anh

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hang, Assistant Sales Director at Pan Pacific Hotel Hanoi (welcomes and serveskurash and aerobics competitions teams) affirmed that, "Everything in the service category for athletes, referees as well as professionals is guaranteed to the right standards". Specifically, hotel staff received 3 rounds of COVID-19 vaccination; training courses for departments in the hotel such as reception, rooms, food, security, human resources, sales and marketing, etc. to improve and perfect skills have taken place recently to ensure the best service in the coming SEA Games.

For the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel, along with the preparation in human resources, facilities, the hotel also sets up signboards, places of prayer for Muslim guests, the hotel's Halal chef has also created a nutritious menu for athletes, fans, and dishes will be balanced so that not only guests from Malaysia but also other countries can have it.

Mr. Asmawai Bin Kassim - Halal Chef at Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel, said: "In order to serve the 31st SEA Games, the hotel will prepare Halal food for athletes and fans of religious countries. For example, Halal chicken, Halal lamb and also seafood are well prepared. We are cooking chicken curry, a dish that can be seen in Muslim countries, we also cook a Malaysian dish originating from India, people from Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia can also eat it”.

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel will prepare Halal food for athletes and fans of Muslim countries

According to Mr. Tran Trung Hieu - Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism, 31st SEA Games is an enormous sports activity in Southeast Asia, in addition to its important significance in politics, diplomacy, culture, sports and economy, this event is a great opportunity to promote the image, country, people, tourism of Vietnam in general and of Ha Noi Capital in particular to international friends. This is also an opportunity for Ha Noi, where the opening and closing ceremonies and most competitions take place; affirming the destination's reputation for organising international and regional events.

“It is expected that the 31st SEA Games will attract nearly 10,000 athletes, coaches and officials from ASEAN countries to attend and thousands of tourists to Ha Noi to cheer and visit in the event. Therefore, the careful preparation of accommodation conditions for guests will make an important contribution to building a professional and attractive image of Vietnam tourism, creating momentum to attract international visitors after the pandemic”, he emphasised.

The 31st SEA Games will really be a fresh air to bring revival to the tourism and hospitality industry. The event provides a huge number of guests for the hotels, because many international visitors come to visit and cheer for the teams. Many Southeast Asian sports delegations, after the competitions, will also organise tours to visit and relax, so this is also an opportunity for localities to welcome visitors and especially an opportunity to communicate and promote the image.

Regarding the promotion of the 31st SEA Games, inside and outside the hotels, large banners and posters have been arranged under the guidance of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the General Department of Sports and Physical Training. The hotels will also continue to add more banners to enhance the propaganda and promotion of the event, as well as to create the best mentality for athletes coming to Ha Noi and Vietnam to compete.

Ms. Trinh Thi My Nghe, Vice President of Hanoi Tourism Association, Director of ITC International Travel Company, said that the 31st SEA Games is really an opportunity to promote and stimulate tourism in the capital. This sports event will attract a large number of international media agencies, athletes and members of sports delegations from different countries. If this opportunity is taken advantage of, the capital’s tourism industry will quickly recover and regain its previous growth momentum.

A representative of the leadership of the Accommodation Management Department, Hanoi Department of Tourism said that, the time of May when the 31st SEA Games held is an ideal communication opportunity for Vietnam tourism, especially attracting visitors from Southeast Asian market. Visitors arriving during the 31st SEA Games will be "tourist ambassadors", an effective communication channel for Vietnam tourism if the host country does well in welcoming activities.

Grand Vista Hanoi Hotel is well-prepared to serve athletes - Photo: VGp/Minh Anh

In addition to training, preparing a system of high-quality tourist accommodation facilities to serve international delegations, athletes and reporters, Ha Noi is also actively developing new tourism products, developing cultural tourism in the inner city and building typical tours to visit famous scenic spots, combined with enjoying Ha Noi specialities.

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