The Travel: Vietnamese Egg coffee, a favourite drink shows an unique coffee culture

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- The Travel has released a list of 10 countries that have unique coffee cultures, which are sure to excite travellers’ taste buds. Vietnamese Egg coffee was mentioned at the list.

According to The Travel, coffee is considered as one of the national drinks around the world. This famous drink will be served and consumed differently in each country. By serving and consuming coffee, people can show a steepness in rich culture and tradition.

If Pho is a spiritual food of Vietnam, coffee is a representative drink of the day in Vietnam. Vietnamese people not just drink coffee to start the day, they also enjoy this fabulous drink at noon and even at night as a working booster. There are 2 common ways to enjoy Vietnamese coffee, either have it originally black or with condensed milk, and this drink is a perfect refreshment for a hot day.

As a freshmen to Vietnam, travellers should try another unique coffee to refresh the taste with a cup of egg coffee. This creamy and yummy drink is made by the mixture of egg yolk and condensed milk to create a frothy addition to a cup of coffee.

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