MOCST signed a cooperation agreement with SABECO to promote the development of sports, culture - art and tourism - cuisine

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- In Ha Noi, the signing ceremony of the cooperation programme in 2022 between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MOCST) and the Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corporation (SABECO) took place.

Mr. Hoang Dao Cuong, MOCST’s Deputy Minister speaking at the ceremony (Photo: TITC)

Accordingly, activities in the 2022 cooperation programme between the two sides focus on the following main areas:

Culture - Art: Focusing on activities to honour, promote and introduce the quintessential cultural and artistic values of Vietnam to Vietnamese people as well as international friends, honouring Vietnamese cultural celebrities.

Tourism - Cuisine: Focusing on activities to build a national tourism brand, promote and introduce unique and typical cuisines of Vietnamese regions as well as the quintessence of international cuisine.

Sports: Encouraging and supporting the spirit of the Vietnamese sports delegation to attend the 31st SEA Games and support the development of Vietnamese sports talents through the community programme "Vietnam wins gold".

The signing ceremony of the cooperation programme between MOCST and SABECO (Photo: TITC)

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Hoang Dao Cuong, MOCST’s Deputy Minister stated, in 2021, MOCST and SABECO had the very first cooperation activity in the tourism field by signing a long-term cooperation framework between Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and SABECO. The highlight of this cooperation is the launch of the Vietnamese Identity Collection which includes 63 Saigon Beer product designs - the image representing a famous landmark of each province. The Vietnamese Identity Collection not only honours the typical beauty of Vietnamese regions, contributes to tourism promotion, but also carries a meaning of bringing people together to overcome the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Continuing the great work, on the basis of having the same goal, MOCST and SABECO coordinated and built specific cooperation activities in 2022 with some orientations for 2023-2024.

Mr. Hoang Dao Cuong hopes that the signing of the cooperation programme in 2022 between MOCST and SABECO will be a favourable start for a series of further, effective and practical cooperations of the two sides in the future. At the same time, MOCST wishes that SABECO in particular, and the business community in general, continue to accompany the Ministry in culture, sports and tourism development activities. This is one of the most effective ways to show the responsibility to the society, corporate citizenship, as well as being one of the most appropriate methods to promote Vietnam's elite reputations, and promote Vietnam's soft power.

Mr. Bennett Neo - General Director of SABECO speaking at the ceremony (Photo: TITC)

2022 will be the year which marks the second time Vietnam hosts the SEA Games, SABECO can clearly see the role in supporting and encouraging the winning spirit of national sports delegations, as well as supporting the development of the young generation of sports talents. Through the programme "Vietnam wins gold" in particular and the strategic partnership with MOCST in general, we constantly strive to promote the partnership to honour the Vietnamese identity in the fields of culture, tourism and sports. This is an essential part in our agreement to have sustainable development in Vietnam. Mr. Bennett Neo - General Director of SABECO shared.

The delegates attending the ceremony (Photo: TITC)

Also at the ceremony, a press conference to kick off the Community programme “Vietnam Wins Gold”. The programme is raised by SABECO in associated with MOCST in implementation, take place from 10th to 31st May 2022 in the initiative aim of encouraging the community to support the spirit of solidarity and determination to "win gold" for the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games, and wish the athletes will reap many glory and honour the colours of the flags and colours of the jerseys in this special occasion.

Delegates responded to the programme by chanting the slogan "Vietnam wins gold" (Photo: TITC)

Overview of the ceremony (Photo: TITC)

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